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Remote Architectural Service

ArchBOX is a Remote Architectural Service based in India that offers dedicated teams of trained architects to US Architectural Firms. We seamlessly integrate with your projects, ensuring easy and efficient collaboration. As growth partners, we enable you to scale on demand, be competitive, and achieve business goals.

Our leadership’s decades of expertise in US collaboration and understanding of US codes and construction ensures that our clients get the experience equivalent to an in-house team.

With our process-driven approach, we are enabling our clients to streamline projects in various sectors, including Housing, Healthcare, Industrial, Institutional, and Retail.

If you are an architectural firm looking for hassle-free growth and collaboration that works, discover ArchBOX!

Amazing people

ArchBOX Studio has the best talent one can have in architecture. These are handpicked Architects with an entrepreneurial DNA inbuilt.

Neural design process

We focus on ‘Meaningful Intelligent Design’. Our smart collaborative approach towards finding the right solution is backed by extensive research & analysis. The spaces we design are not only beautiful and to the detail, but they also have a strong impact on the success of your projects and business.

Three architects pairing on design project
Two architects playing console game of BIM

We play with technology

For us, it’s always fun to work on BIM implementation and the solutions to build efficiencies. We are always looking out for better ways to work, be it collaboration or architectural construction. Currently, we are also developing capabilities in visual coding and generative design.

Experience global standards

Our Leadership has vast exposure of working on international brands and projects. Benefit your projects and business with our implementation of best practices in US documentation and standards.

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Agile at it's core

ArchBOX is an agile architectural firm with PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) integrated deep in our work culture. We have built all our processes on leading project management and collaboration platforms.

You will always find us next to you at every step in the development and success of your projects. Our team creates a comprehensive scope matrix, detailed schedules and project templates to manage your work better.

Always upgrading...

We have a dedicated knowledge platform at ArchBOX where we are constantly working towards the overall development of our team. Our ‘Continuous Performance Management’ approach makes sure we quickly identify weak spots and work towards strengthening those.

Women with rocket wings upgrading
Best fee guarantee stamp

Best fee guaranteed

Our project budget is based on team composition, estimated hours and billable rates. You can always expect a fair and valid fee for our designs and services.

Be amazed!

That’s the ArchBOX experience we have to offer. Talk to us! And we can work out how best we can help you build a successful project, a successful business, or a successful firm.

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ArchBOX Studio is governed by the Architects (Professional Conduct) Regulations set by The Council of Architecture (COA), India, and is licensed to practice pan India.