Sonas Towers

High-rise Housing, Mumbai

Sonas Towers is a residential 18 story tower situated in the heart of Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India.

The Constraints

In Mumbai, the regulatory norms have got restrictive, and thus impose constraints on possible design options. Saying so, we at The ArchBOX Studio had the responsibility to create an identity for the tower and bring to life it’s approved layouts.

Less is More!

Since we had limited elements to play with, we focused on tweaking the profiles to achieve an iconic personality for the tower. Also, the otherwise complex and uneven form was simplified using materials and colors.

Integration for Derivation

Subsequently, an elaborate BIM model was built by integrating design from the structural engineer and became the basis for construction documents & accurate material takeoff.

Meaningful Insights

Our virtual construction process and support provided much-needed insights & clarity to the on-site engineers during the construction administration stage.

Have a look!