The Villa

Housing, Maharashtra

‘The Villa’ is home to a traditional Indian joint family of 4 brothers, and the design revolves around its collective values.

Shelter in the Woods

Inspired from an A-Shape shelter, and with it’s integrating masses, ‘The Villa’ desires to reflect ethnic roots of the family. Also, the abstract interpretation of woods camouflages the otherwise monotonous security grills.

Living, dining, and family areas are connected well with the private outdoor seating spaces. Furthermore, a large family kitchen has ample counter space for cooking large meals.

Flow of Spaces

The indoor spaces visually flow in one another at multiple levels by carving out volumes of mass and light. Moreover, The double-height living room offers grandeur, and since it is visible from almost every area of the villa, it forms the center of their collective living.

Virtual Construction

Additionally, virtual construction on BIM allowed us to understand the intricacies of blending the structure within the form.

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