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Our Work, a reflection of our passion for creating meaningful designs with inbuilt intelligence.

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Impact of Architecture Feature

Explore how we at reduce the impact of Architecture on the Environment with simulations, solar passive architecture, modern construction, and materials.

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Changing work environments and business strategies demand a change in how we perceive our workplace. Is coworking the next step in office evolution?

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Design & Brand Development

Are you a new brand who is wondering how to express itself into brick & mortar? Or perhaps an existing one who is reinventing itself to stay relevant with changing times.

We at ArchBOX are here to help you translate your brand story in every aspect of the architectural environment. Especially, our ‘Meaningful Intelligent Design’ approach has always focused on enhancing your customer experience and engagement.

Our Work Brand Design Development
Architecture and Interiors projects types at ArchBOX

Architecture & Interiors

Enjoy exploring ideas with us from the beginning of the design process until the completion of construction. Also, be surprised with our creative play of form & function, as well as our understanding of technical aspects like site analytics, project schedule, and budget. Above all, is our commitment towards our work, our planet and it’s sustainable future.

Saying so, we closely work along with the engineering and liaison partners from the beginning itself to transform concepts into reality. Thus, we always have an optimal solution for challenging scenarios.

Prototype Development

Retail is scalable, and hence offers a unique opportunity to speed up project timelines and optimize budgets by setting up guidelines, and standards.

Certainly, our ‘Store Development Manuals’ and ‘Brand Prototypes’ can help you save time and money. Thus, allowing you to achieve your ambitious growth plan in a structured way.

Prototype Development guided path to goal
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BIM Migration

Is your project stuck in CAD and you are eager to migrate to BIM, but still have unanswered questions?

At ArchBOX, we can not only set up BIM templates for you but also help your team in the migration process. Also, our hand-holding process is very strategic, and to start with, we will train your team only on specific Revit knowledge necessary to execute a project.

We have extensive expertise in building efficiencies in the BIM process using templates and parametric families.


At ArchBOX, we develop all design projects over 3D Design platforms from the concept stage itself. Thus, you get crucial insights into the design process from the beginning of the project.

Experience your unbuilt concepts with our engaging visualizations from still renders to an interactive VR environment.

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