The Nest

Affordable Housing, Mumbai

‘The Nest’ is a dream home for an aspiring modern family. It is a low-cost housing project on a community-based plot in North Mumbai.

Designing Nest with Constraints

With an extremely narrow and linear site, we at ArchBOX had to follow its constraints, and this reflects in its linear architectural design.

Optimizing Spaces

The central entrance splits the floor plate in half. As a result, the ground level has a living area on one side, whereas a kitchen and compact dining on the other. Thus, minimizing the circulation area on the floor

Reflecting Lifestyles

The upper level has two bedrooms with attached balconies and restrooms. Since ‘The Nest’ is a compact home, the terrace acts as a space for family gatherings, evening sit-outs and a party place over the weekends.

Translating Concepts

Any cleaner and bolder form demands considerable detail from a structural perspective. Saying so, Virtual construction in BIM allowed us for that smarter integration of structure as well as accurate material take off for this project.

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