Fine Dining Restaurant, Pune

Zambar is a South Indian coastal cuisine fine dining restaurant for one of India’s largest F&B companies, Lite Bite FoodsThe ArchBOX Studio was assigned the responsibility to reinvent the brand and create an authentic cultural experience for the restaurant.

Creating Visual Positioning

To start with, we conducted extensive research on South Indian coastal culture, its history, and architecture. Along with this, we also created a strategic and SWOT analysis of the brand. Thus, creating its visual positioning.

The Zambar Experience

The restaurant translates the soul of South Indian homes, houseboats, and beach sit-outs across three distinct zones. Also, a live kitchen at the rear opens up the art of chef’s cooking for your viewing pleasure.

Your Journey

The wooden trellis having brass ornamentation, and a flower-filled Urli placed on stone inlay rangoli adorns the entrance. As you continue, the essence of coastal South India shows up in the use of earthy colors on the walls along with terracotta & marble patterns on the floor.

Expressing the Spirit with Detail

Our attention to detail is visible in the design of profiles in the wooden rafters, cornice, and even woven mat fabric in furniture. Moreover, the bell jar lamps and the oil lamps accentuate the ambiance along with accessories like porcelain pickle jar and paintings depicting coastal culture and tradition.

Have a look!