Asia Seven

Fine Dining Restaurant, Pune

Asia Seven is an authentic Asian cuisine fine-dine restaurant for one of India’s largest F&B companies, Lite Bite Foods. Since the brand represents seven Asian cuisines, the ambiance is a reflection of the rich 4000-year-old and varied Asian traditions.

Expressing Symbolism

We at The ArchBOX Studio studied this vast culture, and its lifestyle, along with the significance of colors & deep symbolism in elements. Hence, Red is the primary theme representing good fortune and joy and is complemented by Black, which is the color of heaven in Asian culture.

Experience to Complement Cuisine

Asian architecture emphasizes bilateral symmetry, which signifies balance, and finds its representation across various architectural elements & details in the restaurant. Be it the paper lanterns above the tables and brass chime lights at the entrance, or paintings based on Koi fish, Asia Seven offers a rich oriental experience to complement its cuisine.

Space for every Occasion

Have a cozy time with your loved ones in the booth seating or enjoy fun-filled moments filled with laughter in the private dining area. Moreover, create memorable moments while viewing the outdoors or get excited about seeing your food getting prepared in the live kitchen. Asia Seven has it all.

Have a look!